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Read my 10x Product Launch post for more on this. If Steve Jobs saw the point to explicitly anchor pricing, none of us have an excuse. I have enough confidence in our ability to build and am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

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Go big Deliver value, or go home. I find it a useful framework for structuring these type of solution interviews.

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Interest: Use the demo to show how you will deliver your UVP and generate interest. Desire: Then take it up a notch. When you lower sign-up friction, you make it too easy for the customer to say yes, but you are not necessarily setting yourself up to learn effectively.

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You need to instead secure strong customer commitments by triggering on desire. The pricing conversation above generated desire albeit intentionally through scarcity and prizing.

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Action: Get a verbal, written, or pre-payment commitment that is appropriate. While this might look a lot like a pitch, the framing is still around learning. A pitch tends to be an all or nothing proposition. For instance, you might have your positioning wrong or be talking to a different customer segment.

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Raise it. In fact, Norwegian ranks ahead of both American Airlines and United Airlines on the safety index of JacDec , an independent source for aviation safety. Secondly, Norwegian and other similar carriers like WOW Air are essentially running a social experiment to find out just how many services and amenities customers will forgo in the name of flying long-haul on the cheap.

5 Things to Consider Before Dropping Full Coverage

Norwegian offers five ticketing levels, ranging from LowFare no checked baggage, no meal, no seat reservation—and no free drinks, headphones, or blanket either to PremiumFlex 2 checked bags, seat reservation, premium meal, complimentary amenities throughout the flight, as well as free re-booking and refunds. This model of pay-as-you-like ticketing will be familiar to short-haul passengers on budget carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet—the former once toyed with the idea of charging for using the lavatories—but is a relatively recent concept on long-haul flights.

It had everything I was looking for:. Honestly…writing out the features of this program sound so standard- so similar to what's already out there. It was just way more motivating than I expected. It's starts with guidance that cuts through all the noise and tells you exactly what to do.

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Every day. Write out your goals, eat this, do this workout. Check, check, check. LadyBoss is like if you take the best, standard aspects of some of the other best apps out there, put them all in one app, and add a whole element of learning that you're doing this because you love yourself and you deserve it. If you've ever read any books about goal setting, gratitude or maybe even manifesting, that is the kind of focused, motivational aspect this program has.

Not just jumping jacks, but digging deep down to uncover the reasons why you owe yourself the time and effort to DO the jumping jacks. There is something about seeing results of real people, who are just like me, and what they have accomplished. Anyone else giving too much attention to those negative inner voices?!

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For me, it makes me excited to get up and workout. It makes me okay with being uncomfortable in my workouts, because I know that that is how I'll see results. It makes me want to pick those healthier foods. I have not tried them yet so I cannot cover them in this review.