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They also really enjoy nature especially star gazing and watching the sun rise and set. They love being active and playing on sports teams. They also really enjoy music and a lot of the time use it to let out emotions. In a relationship Audrey is looking for someone who will make her laugh. Audrey is the most amazing girl you will ever meet.

She is beautiful in every way and will always be there for you. She is fun to be around and will never fail to make you laugh. She will always be there as a shoulder to cry on or to celebrate with you. Audrey is very loyal and will always be there to cheer you up and to laugh with you. She deserves happiness and love and everything in life. If you know Audrey be grateful that shes by your side.


Audrey is an all around amazing and beautiful person and everyone needs a friend like audrey. Lovely Audrey has a special personality that sets her apart from others and draws others to her side. Audrey means noble strength.


He also makes a deal with The Guard to get Audrey to kill him to end the troubles believing himself to be Audrey's true love. In Countdown , it is revealed that Audrey did in fact remember that she was Audrey and lied to protect Nathan. She hides this fact from Nathan as long as she can until she slips up with a name and Nathan realizes it's Audrey, which she confirms. Nathan is overjoyed to see her again and embraces her. He later tries to convince her to kill him, but Audrey refuses and looks for another way to solve the trouble that could potentially kill Nathan.

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Back at the station, Nathan jokes with Audrey, telling her its good to have her back. Audrey asks why Nathan wants her to kill him, and he tells her he wanted to end the troubles and make right for shooting Agent Howard. Audrey refuses to kill Nathan, and tells him he can't decide for her. Audrey also tells Nathan she loves him as she storms out.


In Crush , Nathan makes Audrey pancakes and she hugs him from behind. The moment is ruined when Vince shows up and Nathan has to flee in order to keep their secret. Nathan and Audrey keep their relationship a secret until after seeing the suffering caused by the troubles, they toy with the idea of Audrey killing Nathan to end them, almost going through with it. In William , Audrey introduces Nathan to William as the "weight on her heart," as in the barn William had used those words when telling Lexie she had once been in love, though she didn't remember it.

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In The Trouble With Troubles , Audrey is transported to a Haven without troubles and is happy to see Nathan there, and though she is at first disappointed to see that is married and has a family, she decides she is glad he's happy and does not wish to reverse the trouble until William begins hurting people. When she gets out, they hunt William down and when William mocks Nathan, Nathan shoots William, inadvertently causing the same damage to Audrey. In Shot in the Dark , Nathan is worried about Audrey's wound when a creature shows up and Audrey encourages Nathan to go solve it.

When she is healed, Audrey joins Nathan and Duke in protecting Jennifer.

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After they finish dealing with the Rougaru , Nathan asks Audrey if she is ok. Using his connection to Audrey, Mara tricks Nathan to come to her and handcuffs him to a fence. She takes his gun and knocks him out. When Nathan wakes up, he begins looking for Mara. They meet again on a beach where a Thinny is located and Mara pulls a gun on him again.

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Nathan tells Mara that his and Audrey's love is stronger than anything she and William had, and Mara shoots him. After he falls to the ground Mara points her gun at him again, but before she pulls the trigger he says "I'll always love you, Parker," and Mara walks away without shooting him. In Speak No Evil , just as Nathan is about to give up on Audrey and hand Mara over, he kisses her as she sleeps and Audrey comes out telling Nathan she is still inside Mara. Nathan decides to not hand Mara over to the Guard in order to figure out how to get Audrey back.

In Spotlight , Nathan tries to figure out how to get Audrey back by taking Mara back to Garland's cabin; where he and Audrey had previously spent a morning together. When Mara goes to sleep, Nathan is able to bring Audrey out and she tells him to treat her like Audrey so she can fight back against Mara. As a small business, that kind of input is invaluable, and her research and contributions are always appreciated.

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