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If your child is fearful, hold him until he calms down. Then temporarily sit or lie down in his bedroom until he settles down.

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Try to leave before he falls asleep. Don't stay in your child's room longer than 1 minute. Don't turn on the lights. Keep the visit supportive and reassuring.

Act sleepy. Whisper, "Shhh, everyone's sleeping. If you hug him, he probably won't let go.

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Touch your baby gently and help him find his security object, such as a doll, stuffed animal, or blanket. Once you put your child in the crib, do not remove him.

Do not rock or play with your baby or bring her to your bed. Brief contact will not reward your baby enough for her to want to continue the behavior. Most young babies cry 30 to 90 minutes and then fall asleep. Until your child learns how to put himself to sleep at naps and bedtime, make the middle-of-the-night awakenings as easy as possible for everyone. If he doesn't fuss for more than 5 or 10 minutes, respond as you do at bedtime. Otherwise, take your crying child out of the crib and hold him until he is asleep. Don't turn on the lights or take him out of the room. Try not to talk to him very much.

Often this goes better if Dad goes in.

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After 6 months of age, a security object may be helpful. A security transitional object is something that helps a waking child go to sleep. It comforts your child and helps your child separate from you. A cuddly stuffed animal, doll, other soft toy, or blanket can be a good security object. Caution: soft objects increase the risk of SIDS in young babies. Sometimes covering a stuffed animal with one of the mother's T-shirts helps a child accept it.

Include the security object whenever you cuddle or rock your child during the day. Also include it in your ritual before bedtime by weaving it into your storytelling.

Breastfeeding to Sleep and Other Comfort Nursing

Tuck it into the crib next to your child. Eventually, your child will hold and cuddle the stuffed animal or doll at bedtime in place of you. Phase out nighttime holding only after your child has learned to quiet herself and put herself to sleep for naps and at bedtime.

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Then you can expect her to put herself back to sleep during normal middle-of-the-night awakenings. Go to her every 15 minutes while she is crying, but make your visits brief and boring. After your child learns to put herself to sleep at bedtime, awakening with crying usually stops in a few nights. If the crib is in your bedroom, move it to a separate room. If this is impossible, cover one of the side rails with a blanket so your baby can't see you when he wakes up.

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If your baby has napped for more than 2 hours, wake her up. If she has the habit of taking three naps during the day, try to change her habit to two naps each day. Change the diaper only if it is soiled or you are treating a bad diaper rash. If you must change your child's diaper, use as little light as possible for example, a flashlight , do it quickly, and don't provide any entertainment. If your child is standing up in the crib at bedtime, try to get your child to settle down and lie down. If he refuses or pulls himself back up, leave him that way.

He can lie down without your help. Repeatedly helping your child lie down can soon become a game. Keep a record of when your baby is awake and asleep. Bring it with you to your office follow-up visit. Written by Barton D. Published by RelayHealth. Majacekk books view quotes. Oct 31, AM. Beyan 8 books view quotes. Jul 14, PM. Alejandro 2, books view quotes.

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