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A review of relevant published studies at Harvard. Speech and Language Development In the preschool years all children develop language skills. Over the last 70 years many studies have indicated this is the area where twins and higher multiples are most likely to be different from singleborn children. Thus language is the main focus of this section. Twin Study —Genetics Key Factor In Speech Learning- A team of American and British researchers studying 2-year-old twins has found that genetics, not the environment, plays the major role in the delayed acquisition of language among children who are having the most difficulty learning to speak.

Autonoumous Language of Twins — this is known as twin language, idioglossia or cryptophasia. In most cases, however, what the twins are speaking is not an entirely new or separate language. Supporting Multiples with Special Needs Every family regards their multiples as special.

Unfortunately in some of the families, one or more of the children are particularly special because of some physical, intellectual or behavioural disability which makes them different from the rest of the community. Pector, M.

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Elizabeth A. Pector , a family physician and medical writer. Articles on Twin Care and Development Twin Services is pleased to bring you the following articles on a variety of issues important to multiples. Articles on topics of particular interest to parents written by others are also included. Triplet Connection This organization is geared to provide support to those parents of Triplets or higher multiples. The Twins Foundation is an International membership organization and primary research information center on twins and other multiples.

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Parents of Multiples across Canada Multiple Births Canada strives to improve the quality of life for multiple-birth individuals and their families in Canada. This perhaps suggests that their vocabulary levels are better than they present when playing with siblings or other children. Therefore if they were prompted to use different words they were able to remember them and use them in their conversation.

I. Introduction

This points out the importance of parent interactions for communication development. Supporting vocabulary is very important as it has been strongly linked with later IQ levels and early school success.

Autonomous languages of twins.

Research has indicated that MBC have a higher incidence of speech problems than singletons. Firstly is the child able to physically make the speech sounds? MBC do not show problems in saying their sounds.

Where they have more difficulty than singleton children is with the development of phonological process i. Some of these processes are part of the normal development of speech for all children. This immature rule is usually gone by about 3 and half years of age. This is a much higher percentage than is expected in the single born children. Some children use unusual phonological processes or atypical rules that most other children never use and we refer to their speech as disordered. In the five year old singleton population the prevalence of unusual phonological processes is about three per cent.

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  7. However in my study 72 per cent of 2 to 4 year old MBC used unusual processes. Hence MBC tend to be at risk of speech clarity problems i. As MBC are frequently playing with each other, they tend to be better at some social uses of languages such as turn taking, however difficulties also arise. They have been shown to initiate verbal interactions less as individuals, and use fewer questions and statements.

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    While some MBC will show early speech and language development, many may be at risk of delays in development in at least one communication skill. Spoken sentence development and poor speech clarity are the two most common difficulties and therefore require the most modelling and monitoring. As we know MBC are at risk of early communication development, it is important for parents to focus and build their skills in encouraging early communication skills from birth — remember Babies Talk TOO — and encouraging imitation skills can begin as early as 4 months of age.

    So we know MBC might be showing some different developmental milestones to single born children BUT do children within MB sets sound the same and function at the same level?